The Benefits

All who participate in The Biography Program benefit. These are:

For clients:

  • A permanent and lasting legacy of their life, experiences and expression of their values – if shared with others.
  • An opportunity to re-read and reflect further on their life journey and achievements.

For families:

  • An often deeper insight into the life of their loved one.
  • A good way to talk to their relative about their life, what came before, what they learnt, and their hopes and fears for the future.

For communities:

  • A rich cultural history that may otherwise be lost.
  • A better understanding of how our personal stories intersect.
  • A valuable connection to our elders and our own rich histories.

For volunteer biographers:

  • An opportunity to have fun whilst using and developing their skills in a meaningful way
  • A privilege to hear interesting stories of the older persons in their community.

Formal evaluations of the original biography service in palliative care has found the service to strengthen the quality of critical human relationships. This research has been presented at professional conferences: