Q/ Is the service provided for free?

Yes. We are a small not-for-profit initiative just starting out without any funding at all. Donations are most welcome…! (donations of all kinds – financial, resources & skills)

Q/ If the service is free, how is it funded?

We are currently exploring partnerships with potential funders and sponsorship ranging from philanthropic trusts, government grants, donors and business. If you would like to make a donation or have some ideas, contacts or skills that could help please let us know.

Q/ What happens to the final biography when it’s finished?

The client determines who can have access to the final publication. During the first session clients are asked to nominate their level of chosen access to the final document.

Q/ Is it like an interview, counseling or a conversation?

It is not a journalistic interview – it is the client who directs what they want to say and write. Stories are recorded in the person’s own words and in their own unique way.

It is not a series of counseling sessions – The Biography Program is not for everyone – in order to access the service a client must be assessed as suitable by the professional care staff at their aged care home who refer them to the service. Should, during the biography process, there be any pressing issues relating to the psycho-social-spiritual care of the client, the volunteer biographer, with the support of the Volunteer Coordinator will raise this with the professional aged care team.

It is not a conversation in the conventional sense – but a process whereby one person’s life story is communicated first verbally, then on paper.

Q/ What happens to the drafts and the audio recordings when the biography is finished?

The Biography Program creates a safe space for clients reflect on their life experiences and it’s various meanings. Due to the nature of storytelling, often things are expressed during sessions which the client may not want printed in the final document. As it is the client’s story, draft material is deleted and the client decides what goes into the final publication.