Welcome to the Biography Program – a not-for-profit initiative that helps people in aged care write and publish their life stories.

We support Volunteer Biographers to facilitate the story-telling process as a means to celebrate, honour, affirm and validate the unique and rich lives of the elders in our community.

The biography is a book of the client’s life, told in their own words, and assembled by the Volunteer Biographer. However, the service is more than just what can be held in the hand. It’s real value is in creating a space for personal reflection for the older client.

For the client, telling their story is a fun and productive activity that helps them to reflect on life’s meanings. It let’s them record memories, reflections, tributes, pass on information and perhaps even heal past hurts.

For families the biography can be a permanent legacy of their loved one and can often lead to a deeper understanding of their life.

For the biographer, opportunities are created to have fun, to use and develop skills in a meaningful way and to hear interesting stories of the older persons in their community.

For communities, it is the celebration of the rich diversity of life histories than can ultimately strengthen and build community spirit.While biographies of famous people appear on our bookshelves, it is often the everyday stories of those around us that are the most extraordinary.

The Biography Program is based in Melbourne, Victoria and is proudly supported by:


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The Biography Program
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